County Commission puts animal lives at stake!

County Commission puts animal lives at stake!

The Calhoun County Commission recently voted to not extend the Humane Society’s contract. The County plans to take over shelter operations March 1, 2019.

It’s a red flag for animals and those who love them. We fear the County management will revert to the high kill rate and deplorable conditions found at the shelter when the County operated the shelter before Cheaha Regional Humane Society took over.

The County’s move to take 100% control of the animal shelter accelerates the need to build a new shelter that will be owned and operated by Cheaha Regional Humane Society and not subject to County takeover.

2013- Concerned citizens formed Cheaha Regional Humane Society as a non-profit agency to care for the animals that had been in the custody of Calhoun County. Under County management, the shelter had an extremely high kill rate. Many animals were euthanized immediately when a state-mandated 7-day hold expired. The remaining shelter animals lived in terrible conditions. County resources available for the shelter could not meet the needs.

When Cheaha Regional Humane Society took over shelter operations, animal care and shelter conditions improved dramatically.

Infrastructure problems, drainage issues, and other problems with the current shelter building necessitate building a new shelter at a different location. Cheaha Regional Humane Society has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to build a new shelter, and the Humane Society has earmarked more than $300,000 in donations for the project.

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