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Melissa Thompson Green

…Since becoming a volunteer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with caring staff to help network our animals, and try to get them adopted. It’s been fun to give baths, with other volunteers, to the ones headed to PetSmart adoption events, even had the pleasure of organizing a Serve Day project through my church, recently.
I now enjoy days spent helping out at CRHS, doing fundraiser projects at those same PetSmart events, and have gotten to foster one of the sweet puppies there. God has a bigger picture in store for my life that now involves me becoming a foster parent, donation accepting volunteer, of this wonderful Humane Society that I never knew existed, until February 13th, the day before I adopted Connie— Lady-Anna. Keep up the awesome work, y’all. Rescuing, fostering, saving one dog at a time .

Richard Boucher

Very friendly staff, helped us choose our new family member.